Best Food to Take to a Festival

Molly Wilsonon 20 July 2018
Best Food to Take to a Festival

Festival season is upon us but the big question still lingers - what food should you take?!

Summer says a lot of things, more often than not it says cagoules and wellies, but while this British heatwave lasts (hopefully), what could be better than a weekend of camping, music and catching up with your pals?

However, the big question remains, how do you nourish yourself through what will inevitably be a boozey affair?!

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Of course, you can dish out £9 for a scotch egg every time you get peckish, but if you don’t want to break the bank then try these festival food ideas...

Always check if your festival of choice allows you to take a camping stove, they come in very handy but are often not allowed onto sites.

If you don't have a stove:

Here are the foods you should take if you don't have the luxury of cooking appliances...


Never underestimate the possibilities that come with the humble loaf of Hovis. Add a slice to any tinned goods and you’ve got a meal. When it comes to sandwiches, fillings can be tough to keep fresh but vacuum sealed hams and some cheeses will be A-OK for the few days you’re there. Also, never forget the iconic, British crisp sandwich.

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On that note, crisps

Whether you’re salt and vinegar, cheese and onion or prawn cocktail, stock up on your Walker’s multipacks. The perfect side dish to every festival gourmet meal.

Cereal Bars

Stock up on protein balls, granola bars and flapjacks. Keep them in your jazzy fanny-pack and they will save you in times of trouble.

Beef Jerky

Take some advice from our American cousins and get on board with their dried meats to keep up your protein levels.

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Pre-packed meals

Put on your best Instagram personal trainer brain and start some meal prep. Make sure you bring food you can eat cold such as pasta with tomato sauce and cheese. Add some veggies to counter-act all the alcohol you'll be consuming.

Chicken noodle salad

Although keeping boxed, meaty meals in your hot tent for the whole weekend isn’t recommended, a cool box will keep them fresh, or they will last the first two days on their own. Cook up your favourite veggies and some chicken, combine it all and add some fresh salad and a sauce. You’ll be set for the first few dinners.

Banana Bread

Some say cake does not a meal make, but desperate times, desperate measures.

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Grain bowls

They may sound ridiculously healthy, but you can make them yummy. Add avocado, sweetcorn and whatever is available, like cooked chicken, if you can keep it fresh. Invest in some grain pouches, the Jamie Oliver ones are great, and you're set.

Freeze-dried camping meals

Sounds odd, but don’t knock it, ‘til you’ve tried it. You can get a myriad of meals, from a Full English to Beef Goulash, cook up some water, or ask one of the food stalls for a cup of boiling water. Then you’re sorted.

Tins, cans and cartons

Head to the tinned goods aisle in any supermarket and you'll find some great items to keep you going. Although, consider the weight added to your backpack!

Beans, glorious beans

No cooking required (if you’re up to it)! It may sound gross but give it a shot, the little wonders will fill you up and keep you going strong (and maybe a little gassy).

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Everyone knows that festivals are not prime time for getting your five a day in, but canned veggies like sweetcorn, carrots and peas can be great snacks and help revive you from a crazy, mosh-pit-filled night.


A few cans of tuna (line caught if possible, let’s save the dolphins), or salmon can go a long way. No need to cook, just open and enjoy (or not, I know tuna divides the masses).

Soup, pasta and casseroles

Easy to warm up if you have the equipment, but if not, cold soup isn’t the worst thing in the world, as it’s all precooked.

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One pan camping stove meals:

If you are allowed the luxury of a mini stove, here are some ideas for easy to cook one-pot meals, with ingredients which will last the weekend. If you’re with friends, then you can all chip in and split the weight of foods then enjoy a makeshift meal together.

Jacket Potato

A potato wrapped in foil and shoved in a campfire fire for 30-60 minutes is a godsend.

Scrambled Eggs on toast

Eggs don’t need to be in the fridge, so, despite the obvious challenge of not smashing them all, they will provide you with plenty of possibilities. Crack them ahead of time and pop them in a water bottle, to save any egg smashing disasters. No matter how drunk you get, avoid eating the eggs raw...

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Potato Hash

Either chop or grate potatoes into your pan, add any veggies you want and use egg to bind it together, or just as a topping.


Easy to make in one pot, very filling and great for any meal. Pack some veggies for fillings and you’ve got yourself a delicious dish.

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Sausage and butter bean stew

All you need is either frankfurters or chorizo, tinned tomatoes, tinned butter beans and a stock cube or seasoning. Chuck it all in and heat it all up - sorted.


Just pasta, tomatoes and parmesan for the easiest meal ever, if a little plain.

Instant Noodles

If there's one thing I know, it's that super and pot noodles will always have your back.

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Hopefully these top-tips will keep you well fed and well fuelled for your weekend of festival fun.

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Molly Wilsonon 20 July 2018