Benefits of Being a Student in London

Freya Hugheson 28 February 2020
An image of London Bridge.

From the city types to the eccentrics, London is home to every type of person you could imagine. Thinking of making the move to the capital? Here are some awesome benefits you can look forward to.

There are plenty of decisions to make when you’re choosing your course and university. But one thing’s for sure – if you choose to study in our capital, you’ll have a wild ride.

London’s a city that’s buzzing. It’s frenetic – full of energy and life, and it always has something happening.

It’s a city with a knack for making people fall for it. It’s beautiful and it’s full of beautiful people. And once people head there, they often stay put. 

But why is that?

Immerse Yourself in each Borough’s Unique Personality

From Lewisham to Camdem, each area of the city has something unique to offer. Be it high-rises or townhouses, riverside views or industrial chicness.

In just a short walk, you can discover different subcultures, style of cuisine, architecture, celebration and more. 

It’s a truly international, multicultural city, which accepts and celebrates differences. And the blend of cultures in each area is truly unique. 

Find your Inner Eccentric

A city like London has a huge population with some eccentric individuals. That means everyone’s pretty accepting of kooky, off-beat styles. Nothing is ‘weird’ here.

You can be unequivocally you – no compromise, no worries. 

This is music to many people’s ears, as London gives the freedom many of us need to be our true selves.

Tour the World in an International Melting Pot

You’ll never be bored. 

Some streets will transport you out of the UK, making you feel like you’re on a whistle-stop tour of different cultures and countries. 

Take the time to explore these less well-known areas, as the non-touristy areas are often the hidden gems that make London so great.

Get an Expanse of Knowledge From Over 120 Libraries

When it’s time to hit the books, you’re spoilt for choice. 

Each university has its own library, sure. But you’re also treated to the collections of the British Library, the largest library in the world by number of items catalogued, and the London Library, boasting over a million books. 

So you’re likely to find what you need. 

Additionally, the architecture of these buildings will blow you away. And there are some that focus on history, art... you name it, London’s got it.

Enjoy the University Experience in a Choice of Over 7000 Bars and Pubs

If there’s something the Big Smoke does well, it’s hospitality. There are pubs and bars on almost every street, most of which are steeped in history – grim, interesting and otherwise.

Nothing says student life than a good night out. And in London, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice. While things are absolutely on the more pricey side, there are some seriously cool pop ups, themed bars and more that’ll make it all worth it.

Reconnect with Nature with Over 100 Parks

A lot of people will say that London’s too built up, too grey, too concrete.

And a lot of the city is. But there are a ton of green spaces, from the famous Hyde Park to the beautiful Wandsworth Common. Plenty of chances to get some fresh air, reconnect with nature and have a nice picnic in the drizzle. Lovely.

Get Around with Fantastic Transport Links

A massive benefit to studying in London is the accessibility to most parts of the UK and international destinations.

You’ve got Gatwick and Heathrow just outside the city, and stations ready to whizz you to Europe at a moment’s notice. 

Add to that a comprehensive tube network that’s usually pretty reliable, with a night service that’s recently launched. And a vast network of overground trains to get you out of the city.

You’ll feel free to explore where and when you want.

The Touristy Things are actually Quite Fun

Sure, you won’t actually do any of them until your parents (who will pay) or mates (who will demand it) come to visit. But the Dungeons etc are popular for a reason. Definitely try them out.

And for when you’re not being visited, round up your new friends and explore all the freebies. There are loads of them.

Think Natural History Museum, the V&A, street gigs, lunchtime concerts, Borough Market – the list is exhaustive.

Finally, Get Out There!

Go explore the capital with a few mates while you’re still deciding on what university you’re choosing. Plan out your day and discover the wonders of London.

Freya Hugheson 28 February 2020