The benefits of getting a therapy dog

Scott Tayloron 12 October 2020
Therapy dog

Scott Taylor talks about how getting a new puppy helped him to find joy and get back on track.

Students and pets may not seem to go together. But if you’re in need of a little extra support, a therapy dog could provide that comfort and companionship. Scott Taylor talks to us about the benefits of getting a therapy dog, and what it has meant to him since being diagnosed with a rare brain condition during his studies. 

After I was diagnosed with a condition called an arteriovenous malformation, I decided that it was the perfect time to get a dog: I needed a distraction to get away from the tough times I was going through. It was a decision I thought long and hard about but, after a few months of weighing it up, I went for it - and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I wanted a fox red Labrador; my dad had a Labrador when he was younger and he told me many stories about what amazing dogs they were, so it felt like the right choice for me. At the time of my diagnosis, I was signed off work for two months. I had just started my placement year, so it was a bit of a setback, but it also gave me the perfect opportunity to bring up my new tiny little bundle of joy which could fit in the palm of my hands. Admittedly I under-estimated how difficult puppies were to look after but, with the help of my dad, sister and girlfriend, Bella soon began to grow up into the perfect dog.