5 reasons why university is the perfect place to be yourself

Maddy McKennaon 27 April 2021
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Don't be scared to go to university - it's the perfect place to reinvent yourself!

Are you feeling insecure about going to university? The transition from sixth-form or college to university can be daunting, but it’s also an exciting time to break free from your classmates’ perceptions of you and to reinvent yourself.

Recently, six in 10 students told us that they don’t feel free to express themselves at university. Whether you’re worried about not fitting in with your coursemates, housemates or university lifestyle, here are five reasons why university is a great place to find yourself and your circle.

1. Students are quirky

Especially if you’re from a small town and are moving to a big city, you’ll notice that the majority of people have more quirks than you. If that doesn’t relieve you, you’ll be pleased to know that there are endless social circles at university, and you will find your tribe. 

2. You’re free from prejudice 

Who needs New Year’s Eve to start anew? Moving to university offers you the chance to decorate your room how you like it, meet new people and do whatever you want. Explore the city in the first few days to see what other students are up to, and you’ll soon realise what a carefree place you’ve come to. 

3. You’ll find your tribe through societies

Have you got a burning passion for knitting, hummus, Harry Potter or dog spotting? You’ll find all sorts of clubs imaginable at university - check out some of the wackiest ones here. Freshers’ Fair is a great place to start for a taste of what each society offers and the type of social circle you’ll mix with.

4. You can choose your friends

Unlike school, you’re not forced to work with people in your class, and you don’t have to live with your flatmates from first-year throughout. You’re free to pick and choose who you hang out with, so you can carve your path. 

5. Your parents won’t know what you’re up to

From the way you dress, to who you date and what your chosen drink is on a night out, university is the best place for you to experiment freely, away from the constraints of living at home (that means no more worrying about being back by 11pm.)

Make the most of the freedom that university offers - whether that’s drinking on weekdays, experimenting with makeup, clothing or your sexuality. It’s a period of growth that is liberating and may well just change your path in life. 

And, if you’re still a little nervous that you won’t fit in, or maybe even stand out enough based on what you’ve read in this article, remember that it’s only for a short while. Go wild and try out new things. Don’t get too worked up about what your coursemates or flatmates will be like - just go with the flow, and you will find out what works for you. 

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Maddy McKennaon 27 April 2021