Back to uni: How to deal with the return of face-to-face learning

Natalia Wilkowskaon 28 April 2021
Back to uni: How to deal with the return of face-to-face learning

Returning to normal life will be a shock to the system for all of us. Find out how to equip yourself for the transition to face-to-face learning with this guide.

After a long old year, we’re finally returning to normal. With universities preparing to reopen, we need to be ready. The return of face-to-face learning can be a challenging process after a long break. Here are some tips on how to deal with it:

1. Follow the safety guidelines 

Even after a pandemic, it’s important to follow the safety guidelines. Before returning, check that it’s safe to do so and make sure you’re up to date on the rules. Readjusting to being back in the classroom can be hard. If you’re struggling with the transition, look into your university’s counselling services and see what support you can get. 

2. Adapt at your own pace

The pandemic forced all of us to adapt to online learning. Although you’ll be returning to university, look after your learning space at home. Your university will be sensitive to your needs, so don’t feel forced to return to face-to-face learning if you’re not comfortable doing so. If you have any concerns, be sure to voice them with relevant support staff.

3. Build a new routine

Many of you will have been students before the pandemic started. Consider your old routine before lockdown started, then think about which elements of online learning you enjoyed. Mix the two methods by applying new rules and changing old habits. This will help you get used to your new normal.

4. Prepare yourself 

There are considerations to take into account before returning to the university. You won’t be able to turn your camera off to eat breakfast during classes like before. Wake up earlier to avoid the morning rush of getting ready and onto campus. Pack your bags and pick your outfit the night before. Having extra time to get ready in the morning allows you to relax or drink a cup of coffee.

5. Planning is key 

Planning is one of the most important elements of returning to university. You can’t jump from class to class at the click of a button anymore. Plan your schedule and make sure you can easily make your next lecture. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule to stay productive during the day. Before coming back to uni, sort out your notes and keep them in somewhere accessible.

Follow these steps, and the return to university will be a breeze. Enjoy your freedom!

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Natalia Wilkowskaon 28 April 2021