How to apply to university

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How to apply to university

Big plans for your future? Read our how-to guide on applying to university.

Applying to uni can seem daunting. Deciding on a course and university is hard enough, let alone working out what on earth UCAS is all about, and having to write that dreaded personal statement.

But not to worry, we’ve written a how-to guide to help you make sense of it all – and feel cool, calm and confident throughout.

So, first things first. Why apply to university at all?

There are lots of different reasons people end up going to university. Apart from anything, it’s a great stepping stone between school and a career. You might not know exactly what you plan to do yet, but you’ll have the time and space to explore your interests and the different career paths open to you. Especially with the help of services like the brilliant London South Bank University careers hub.

Or maybe you’ve figured this stuff out. If you already know what your future holds – like social work, acting or law – going to university is often the best way to turn those dreams into a reality. 

Let’s be honest though, it could also just be the promise of newfound freedom, a buzzing social scene and friends for life. Sounds pretty good, right?

We know things are still up in the air right now. University life – like everything else – has had to change for the time being. But here at LSBU, we’re working hard to make sure our students are still getting the most out of their time here. 

Set on going to uni? Then it’s time to register with UCAS.

If you’ve made up your mind that university is the right path for you, the first thing you should do is register with UCAS at That’s the easy bit. 

Now you need to decide what and where you want to study. You can choose up to five courses at a maximum of five different universities. 

Do your research.

Choosing the courses and universities that you want to apply for can be overwhelming. Where do you even begin?

The best piece of advice is to start doing your research as soon as possible. Work out what really interests you and where you might like to study. And then start on the prospectuses. 

Different unis will have different qualities – and you need to work out which qualities suit you best. City or campus uni? What are the accommodation options? What’s the Students’ Union like? And what sort of clubs and societies are on offer?

If you’re after some city buzz, our Southwark campus is based in the heart of London – just minutes away from the capital’s iconic South Bank. Find out more about our student life at LSBU here.

Make a shortlist. And then hit the Open Days.

Open Days are a great way of getting a feel for a place. Think of them as a taster before the main event. You’ll be able to tour the campus, accommodation and facilities, chat to current staff and students, and find out what life is really like there.

At LSBU, we’re running virtual Open Days, which means you’ll be able to do all of the above, but from the comfort of your living room. We’re even offering one-to-one live chat sessions with inspiring alumni, lecturers and students – so you can get the real lowdown on the LSBU experience. 

For more information and to book your place, please register here.

Write a killer personal statement.

Okay, so you’ve done your research and attended some Open Day events, and you’ve finally managed to narrow your shortlist down to your final five. 

Now it’s time to write a killer personal statement and show those admissions teams why they’d be lucky to have you. Remember, most universities want you as much as you want a place. Find your voice. Be confident. You have something unique to offer and this is your time to shine. 

For more information on writing a standout personal statement, get advice from the experts at UCAS.

And lastly, don’t miss the deadline!

The UCAS deadline is 15 January 2021 for all undergraduate courses.

When you’re making your applications via UCAS, you’ll need to also decide on a ‘firm’ and ‘insurance’ choice. ‘Firm’ means your first choice, the place you want to go to most. Your ‘insurance’ is the place you’d want if you don’t meet the conditions of your ‘firm’ choice. 

Find out more about the courses we offer, the LSBU experience and the application process here.




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