The Access Project and Student Hut: bringing a voice to disadvantaged students

Chris Brighton on 8 September 2020

Student Hut and The Access Project are working together to increase the diversity of Student Hut’s dedicated panel of over 150,000 students, taken from an audience of one million users.

“Engaging with the most diverse range of student and youth opinions, giving a voice to those not traditionally heard is a fundamental mission for Student Hut. Diversity benefits our panel, our brands’ insights and society. By engaging with The Access Project’s motivated, but disadvantaged, student audience, we can not only access the insights that may not have been considered, but we can inspire and connect with students with wider opportunities.” - Steve Evans, CEO of Student Hut

Student Hut’s Opinion Panel is the UK’s most engaged and diverse panel of youths and students, chosen by the Office for Students to understand the long term impacts of educational choices.

The Access Project is an innovative education charity that helps bright young people from disadvantaged backgrounds gain places at top universities. 

Working with The Access Project will increase the Student Hut Opinion Panel’s diverse insight, whilst bringing a voice and connection to students that are not traditionally heard.