9 Thoughts We've All Had About Getting Healthy

Becky Justiceon 21 June 2019
9 Thoughts We've All Had About Getting Healthy

With summer just around the corner, term ending, and holidays booked it's no surprise many of us are thinking of resurrecting that long-forgotten New Year's resolution and starting a health kick to get us feeling fresh before summer. However, despite all your best intentions as you lie in bed dreaming of the ‘new you’, it’s inevitable that things don’t go quite to plan.

Don’t feel alone though, we’ve all had false starts with a healthier lifestyle and some (if not all) of these thoughts are bound to have crossed your mind throughout the day…

1. This is easy. You’re a literal Health Queen

You start the day well, wake up, do some stretches then skip down to have your healthy wholegrain breakfast with brightly coloured fruit and think to yourself wow I don’t know why I didn’t start doing this earlier, I feel amazing!

2. It’s what time?

You feel the hunger pangs start to kick in, it must be lunchtime now, surely. WHAT, you mean it’s only been 1 hour since breakfast?? How is this possible, you’re starving! Okay, sorry, but you’ve got to have a snack of something or you’re actually going to die.

3. Accidental Snacking

You’ve hit the mid-morning slump and wander off for a snack and absentmindedly start eating handfuls of nuts out the bowl some helpful individual left out. Mid mouthful you remember you’re not supposed to be snacking. Shoot, you can hardly spit it out now so you might as well enjoy it!

4. Does anyone really like salad?

Okay, you finally made it to lunch (12pm is definitely lunchtime, okay it’s 11.56am but it still counts). What you really want right now is a sausage roll, or some pasta or at least a sandwich. What have you got? Salad. It’s literally raining right now and all you have is some limp leaves? Does anyone actually eat this and enjoy it!?

5. Junk Food Cravings 

All you can think about are things which are deep-fried or covered in chocolate. You’re literally salivating at the thought of a bag of crisps or a slice of cake right now. Carrot cake has vegetables in it, surely it counts as healthy?

6. Exercising like an athlete

Fully committing to a healthier you and actually going for a run. You start well, feet pounding away, tunes playing and feeling pretty good. Who knew, you’re actually enjoying yourself and might even do this regularly, you could be entering the London Marathon in a month! However, this glowing feeling soon fades and you feel like…..

7. Exercising like you’re about to die

Dear goodness, a stitch is setting in already. It feels like you’ve been running for miles. You’re sweating more than you thought possible, your chest feels tight. Is this an asthma attack, this must be what dying feels like? Okay, you decide to walk the 500m back to your house. You’ll definitely run further tomorrow, its all about building it up slowly.

8. After exercising, you deserve a treat

I mean that run must have burnt off LOADS of calories, one biscuit to replenish energy levels is just common sense. You’ve come back absolutely knackered and feeling a little shaky so having one, max two, biscuits really won’t do you any harm.

9. I’ll Start again tomorrow

Maybe 5 biscuits was a tad excessive. So today didn’t go exactly to plan, you think to yourself as you look at the raided biscuit tin. Maybe it’ll be better to just start over tomorrow.

Becky Justiceon 21 June 2019