10 safety tips for your first festival out of lockdown

Molly Judgeon 9 June 2021

Sunburn, dehydration and an unwanted tattoo... Here's how you can avoid common mistakes made at a festival.

After more than a year of lockdown, it is exciting to be writing about festivals. Four months ago, I would have never dreamed that this day would come, and, in 2019, I couldn’t have imagined a life without festivals. There’s no better way to enjoy summer (even if it’s likely that you’ll be spending it wellie-deep in mud and rain). It’s a chance to catch up on all the music that’s dropped on Spotify, but you’ve not been able to see it live and have a blast with your mates. But, while you’re throwing shapes to Dua Lipa, it’s important to stay safe, and we’ve got just the tips you need for the return of the festivals.

1. Get tested

Sadly, and I hate to say it, the pandemic is not over yet. That means there’s still a risk of infection, particularly as we festival-goers are under the vaccination age. To be safe, get tested before you go to the festival and five days afterwards. And speaking of health, sexual health is just as important, so if you’re in the mood for a good time, it might also be worth getting tested for other things too…

2. Stay safe and stay hydrated!

Drinking, dancing and sweaty tents… It’s a recipe for dehydration. Make sure to carry a water bottle on you at all times. 

3. Slap on the sun cream

This may seem a little ridiculous in the UK but remember to apply sun cream every morning, even when cloudy. Buy sun cream with UVA and UVB protection to avoid wrinkly skin and lobster-like tan lines. And, if you’re prone to sunburn, bring aftersun too. You’ll make loads of friends who have forgotten to bring theirs. 

4. Locate the medical tent

Make sure you know where the medical tent is, just in case! Whether you need it for yourself, a friend or a stranger, it’s good to know.

5. Learn the recovery position

This seems pretty extreme, but it takes only a couple of minutes to learn the recovery position. It’s always better to be safe than sorry - especially when people are drinking heavily.

6. Establish a meeting place

When you arrive, establish a meeting place among your friends so that you can find each other if you get separated. This is particularly important if your phones run out of charge or you can’t get a signal.

7. Bring a portable charger

It’s tricky to find sockets on festival sites, so save yourself the trouble and bring a portable charger.

8. Find shade 

Stay in the shade – especially in the middle of the day. It’s worth considering where the shade is when you pitch your tents too. 

9. Don’t forget the bug spray

When you’re dancing outside for hours on end in the dark, you’re sure to get bitten. Bugs can’t help it, and you just look so tasty. Tents don’t provide the best protection from insects, so make sure you’re protected.

10. Take a first aid kit

Pack a first aid kit including plasters, paracetamol, bandages, antiseptic wipes and allergy tablets. Don’t let anything ruin the good vibes. 

Finally, have fun! If you’re looking for other tips and tricks on making your festival experience epic, then check out these articles

Molly Judgeon 9 June 2021