9 Facts That Prove Easter is Better Than Christmas

Leah Benthinon 4 April 2019
9 Facts That Prove Easter is Better Than Christmas

From much-needed time off to the sweet treats, Easter is severely underrated. Here are 9 reasons why it's a better break than the holidays!

1. You get given way more chocolate

Easter is basically a chocolate festival. Although you eat a bunch over the holidays, it’s only Easter when it’s acceptable to eat Mini Eggs for breakfast and I’d say that’s definitely a big winner.

2. Flowers start to appear

Easter means spring, and spring means all sorts of flowers. Unlike the miserable British winter, daffodils bloom throughout spring and there’s nothing better than having a bunch in your home to brighten up a room.

3. Less awkward gift-receiving

If we’re being honest, sitting around with your family unwrapping presents can lead to some awkward moments. We all know how it feels to put on a smiling face while receiving some of the weirdest or worst gifts from a relative.

The whole premise of Easter avoids this problem - I mean, you’d be crazy to not like chocolate eggs, right?

4. The weather is MUCH better

Let’s face it. Xmas takes place at the height of winter, and winter in the UK is not great. Months of grey skies and constant rain can be a little depressing, to say the least.

This is a couldn’t be more different from Easter. You’ve made it through the cold, the weather’s getting warmer and it seems like summer is around the corner. Who wouldn’t prefer it!

5. Easter is cheaper

We all know the crazy amount of money we have to spend at Christmas, and it can take many paydays to recover! Easter is way less damaging to your bank account with Easter eggs being found for a couple of quid.

6. Three words - hot cross buns

Nothing says Easter quite like a toasted hot cross bun. Although you can get them year-round, this is the only time when it’s socially acceptable to stuff your face with the butter-oozing treats.

7. You get to make pancakes in the run-up to it

Whatever you decide to give up for Lent, or even if you give up nothing at all, you can enjoy the sweet (or savoury) taste of pancakes to prepare yourself for the lead up to Easter.

8. You’ve nearly finished uni for the year

Every student out there will know that Easter is a dreaded time of year. Final exams and assignments throw themselves at you left, right and centre but you just need to get through this final slog and then it’s four months of summer.

9. Bank holidays

Yes, you get bank holidays at Christmas too, but at Easter we get a weekend straddled by them. Good Friday, followed by the weekend, followed by Easter Monday means four days off in a row!

There’s plenty of time to party, eat chocolate and not feel a tiny bit guilty about any of it.

Leah Benthinon 4 April 2019