8 Things They Don't Teach You About Adult Life

Georgina Willis on 2 May 2019
8 Things They Don't Teach You About Adult Life

Sometimes the added responsibility of growing up can lead to some interesting circumstances. Here are eight experiences we've all had at some point!

1. Adulthood is a myth

No one is actually an adult. It’s all fake. No one really knows what’s going on, even your parents. We’re all just giant toddlers fumbling our way around the Earth. You will probably always feel unprepared for everything like you’re too young, don’t have enough experience, but that is how everyone feels.

2. Everything is expensive

Rent. Food. Laundry. Utilities. It all costs an arm and a leg (so to speak, so far my landlord hasn’t demanded a limb in exchange for my flat). Money seems to go in one end of your bank account, and out the other immediately. Better start saving as much as you can as soon as possible. Budgeting and money management is a real skill that is greatly beneficial.

3. Housework is constant

There is always another job that needs doing: the bathroom needs cleaning, the bedsheets need changing, laundry needs washing, etc. It is constant, and you will never be free.

So you think you’re done: well what about the clothes you’re wearing? Now they’re dirty! No wonder adults are so tired all the time…

4. Adulthood is lonely

You move away and leave your friends and family behind. You might be in a new town, or city, or even country. It can be hard to begin a new chapter of your life. Feeling lonely can be an incredibly horrible experience, but the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Plenty of other people feel the same way, and there are people you can talk to that can help you. Friends, family, doctors. It’s important to find the help that you need.

5. Life can be hard

You have to work hard to get ahead. The world is not going to hand you anything. People get ahead through hard work and ass kissing. Lots and lots of brown nosing.

But in this world kindness can go a long way. Be the person people want to be around and everything else will follow!

6. Cooking can be fun

Preparing meals for your friends or even just for yourself can be an exceptionally cathartic experience. It also helps you save money and live a healthy lifestyle.

7. Taxes

Why does no one teach us about taxes? Or just general life skills? I have no idea how to avoid getting arrested for accidentally not paying taxes, but thank god I know that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell!

The other day I sat down with my mum while she tried to explain the tax system to me. I still don’t really understand it. Some in the older generation will laugh about “kids today” not knowing anything when we were never taught basic skills like they were in school.

8. Health is important

As soon as you hit 18 it’s all downhill from there. Your body hates you and will let you know that. Your knees start to hurt, your back aches. It feels like you’re 80 rather than 18. Take those vitamin supplements and eat those greens.

Georgina Willis on 2 May 2019