7 Ways to Make Your Student Room More Homey

Saya Uotanion 18 September 2018
7 Ways to Make Your Student Room More Homey

Home comforts can be sorely missed while at uni, second only to dogs (and then the rest of the family...). This guide will help you turn your humble student room into a little slice of home.

1. Fragrance oil & essential oil diffusers

Having a familiar or comforting scent in your living space can really make a difference in how “at home” you feel. As in most accommodations you aren’t allowed to light candles, substitute them for reed fragrance or electric essential oil diffusers.

The great thing about electric essential oil diffusers is that you can switch up the scent during the day to match how you want to feel. Lavender is known to be great for relaxation, while eucalyptus has antibacterial properties which are perfect for avoiding the Fresher’s Flu.

Assorted reed diffusers from different brands

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2. Cushions & Pillows

Never underestimate the power of a cushion! You can get them in any shape, colour, size, and texture you want, and if you’re really feeling creative you can even make your own cushion case.

If you’re missing your pet who’s back at home, there’s no shame in getting one of those really big plushy animals to keep you company. They’re also great for when you have a few guests around because honestly, who doesn’t love a cushion?

Cat-shaped pillows with cat lying between them

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3. Photos & Memorabilia

If you’re an international student like me, this is extra important. Sure, you probably have hundreds of photos of yourself with friends, family and loved ones, but having a physical photograph that you can look at instantly every day makes all the difference.

You can frame them or stick them (carefully) on your wall. I recommend using painter’s tape instead of blue tack to avoid getting charged when you move out.

Animated Polaroid camera taking picture

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4. Flowers & Plants

Every season is cactus season. I personally like flowers more than cacti so I get some at the supermarket and keep them in a glass vase, but if you have a busy, irregular schedule, cacti require less attention and won’t wilt.

Plants are great for creating a cleaner, lived-in atmosphere and also give you something to look forward to. It’s a responsibility that you actually won’t hate.

Flowers blooming gif

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5. Fairy Lights

Arguably the most popular room décor product amongst millennials (copper mugs are a close second), fairy lights give your otherwise rather fluorescent lighting some warmth, and at night you can switch off your other lights to create ambience.

There are so many different styles of fairy lights out there at all different price points, so make sure to find the one that you like. Also: follow the rules of your accommodation! They can and will fine you.

Fairy lights flickering gif

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6. (Smart) Speakers

Listening to music makes everybody feel good. Now with the wonders of technology, you can get speakers that you can talk to! Well, kind of. The Google Home or Amazon Alexa smart speakers let you ask questions like “What’s the weather like?” or “how many centimetres is an inch?” which is like having a personal assistant in your room.

If you don’t want to splurge on a smart speaker, get a good wireless speaker that’ll provide enough sound to fill your room.

Speaker vibrating at a low frequency gif

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7. Rugs

If you’re lucky enough to be moving into an accommodation with non-carpet flooring (trust me, you do NOT want to live with a carpet filled with decades worth of strangers’ filth), you might want to get a rug for those cold winter mornings.

You can get creative and make one from your old t-shirts or snag one from Primark; either way, they’ll definitely add some cosiness and character to your room.

Cat on carpet with fire in background GIF

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Living away from home doesn’t have to be miserable, and a lot of it is about mindset. After all, we can’t just suddenly go home like this…

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Saya Uotanion 18 September 2018