7 benefits of doing a virtual internship during COVID-19

The Intern Groupon 30 April 2020
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Struggling to decide what to do this summer now that COVID-19 has put everything on hold? We've got you covered.

Why not consider using this time to improve your CV, get some experience and grow your network. We’re in lockdown, so it’s possible!

The Intern Group has launched a virtual internship programme so that you can gain the experience you need to make your CV stand out from wherever you are this summer.

Check out the 7 benefits of doing a virtual internship during COVID-19 below.

Make your CV standout

If you’re accepted to the programme, you are guaranteed a virtual internship in your chosen fields. With a network of over 3,000 partner organisations around the world, The Intern Group offer a range of exciting opportunities in every career field.

Build skills to succeed

The programme includes comprehensive professional development, with career advancement training focusing on 8 key competencies that NACE have identified as essential to succeed.

Not to mention you receive one-on-one career coaching once you finish the programme!

Learn from the best

The Intern Group’s virtual internship programme includes 3 months access to keynote speakers such as Claire Diaz-Ortiz, best-selling author, influencer and investor, and Nick Jellicoe, the global head of communications at Rolex for 10 years.

These seminars are live and online, and you have the opportunity to ask questions in every session.

Gain the knowledge of what it really takes to succeed in the career fields you are interested in.

Pursue an internship from wherever you are

The greatest advantage of a remote internship is that you can do it from anywhere at any time – all you need is your laptop.

Enough said!

Do an internship alongside your other commitments

You can choose between 10, 20, 30 or 40 hours of remote internship per week. Whether you’re balancing your studies, a job or family commitments, a virtual internship allows you to build your career from anywhere.

Get ahead of your peers

By using this downtime wisely and getting global internship experience on your CV, you’ll make yourself stand out from your peers in the increasingly competitive job market.

Develop a global network

A major advantage of The Intern Group programme is the community you create with the organisation and other interns.

The global alumni network is made up of over 10,000 talented individuals from 150 countries. Fostering those professional and personal connections can be useful for anything, from career advice to a job recommendation or simply a holiday (when we’re allowed to travel again, of course).

Learn more about the programme here and how you can boost your employability in lockdown.

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The Intern Groupon 30 April 2020