6 Ways to Get Home After a Night Out Now Uber's Banned From London

Sofie Penn-Slater on 22 September 2017
6 Ways to Get Home After a Night Out Now Uber's Banned From London

Uber have been banned from operating in the capital, so here are 6 alternative modes of transport.

Uber has been banned from operating in London after TFL rejected the US ride-hailing company’s licence application, claiming that the company is “not fit and proper”. Their license expires on 30th September, and Uber have a mere 21 days to appeal the decision. But what of all the drunken, sleepy, tired, high-heel clad students of London that still need a cheap way to get home at the end of the night? Never fear, we’ve created a list of five alternative modes of transport that will help you avoid the extortionate fees of the capital’s black cabs.

1. Unicycle

man on unicycle falls off


  • Small enough to carry on the Tube

  • Improves your balancing skills as you pedal home

  • Gives you a mysterious, sexy, circus-vibe that will intrigue potential lovers


  • Hard to balance on after 5 pints

2. Horse

horse mask lady giving a thumbs up


  • You’ll feel like a badass Game of Thrones extra riding a horse through the streets of London

  • Horses have built-in seat warmers

  • Can take shortcuts through parks


  • No charging port for your phone

3. Hoverboard

girl falls off hoverboard


  • Like walking, but without the effort

  • Hoverboards come in flashy colours and sometimes with lights


  • People might pick fights with you because hoverboards are lame

  • Your hoverboard might spontaneously combust and set fire to your trousers

  • Hard to balance on in heels

4. Tandem

two men on tandems


  • If you’re at the back, you don’t have to pedal and nobody will notice

  • Use like you would Uber Pool - ask a stranger to pedal home with you


  • Intense pressure to steer properly if you’re at the front

5. Piggy back

someone drops a piggy back


  • Absolutely 0% effort required on your part


  • Not allowed to use McDonald’s Drive-Thru

6. Spacehopper

people on spacehoppers


  • Bouncy

  • You always get a seat

  • Comes in funky colours


  • Punctures easily

  • Have to inflate it yourself

  • Can make you spill your kebab

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Sofie Penn-Slater
Sofie Penn-Slater on 22 September 2017