6 Things To Do As An International Student Sticking Around For Break

Freya Hugheson 4 November 2019
Woman drinking a hot drink next to outdoors Christmas decorations.

There can be times at university where you think you never want to go home. But sometimes, the option isn’t there.

This is especially true around the Christmas break, where flights become expensive.

International students like you are preparing for a few weeks off all over the country. And many will be staying in their accommodation, unable to get home.

So here are a few suggestions about what you could do to celebrate the break in your own special way.

1. Gather everyone left on campus for a big meal

You won’t be the only one. So, see if you can find everyone sticking around and get cooking.

A few drinks, a big meal and even some board games can lift spirits and unite people. Even if you or your attendees don’t celebrate Christmas, it’s a fantastic excuse to meet new people and firm up friendships. 

2. See if your uni can connect you with a family

Check with your Student Union about them setting you up with a host family for the festive period. 

Guaranteed food, drink, cosiness and probable silly games. Sounds good, right?

Pick up a small token gifts and head on over. People are super accommodating, especially when a family-focused event is on.

3. Head to Winter Wonderland

If you like over the top Christmas-y cheer, think about organising a trip to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. 

Thanks to its central London location, any UK-based friends you’ve made in your first term will probably be able to make it down. 

It could work really nicely as a reunion halfway through the break – and don’t underestimate how much you’ll miss your mates when you’re apart!

4. Visit a new friend in their hometown

If flights are out of the question, perhaps train fare would be a bit more manageable. 

Perhaps you could do a tour of their town and find some exciting things to do. Or you could do a big round-trip from one friend to another, picking up more of your gang as you travel.

5. Do the winter classics

From trying out ice skating to sitting by a toasty fire with a hot chocolate, there are some quintessentially wintery activities you can get up to while you’re off uni.

It depends on where you are in the country, of course. 

But as an example, here at Student Hut, we’re based in Brighton. So, we would take advantage of freezing cold beach walks, the seasonal ice rink that pops up each year and the wide range of theatre shows that come to the city each winter.

6. Get cosy

’Tis the season for snuggly clothes. And hot chocolate.

Make the most of it before term starts again!

Especially if your course is quite heavy on the workload, take this time to really relax. 

Do the things you love doing. Put yourself first.

Freya Hugheson 4 November 2019