6 Things You Could Do If you Didn’t Have to Pay Rent

Toby Green on 21 January 2020
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When you book a room with Liberty Living for September 2020, you’ll automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a year’s free rent! Here are some of the ways you could spend the extra cash.

Take That Trip of a Lifetime 

The bad news is, university is hard, and requires a lot of your energy.

The good news is, you still have the same breaks as school, with plenty of time to explore far flung lands.

Now imagine where you could explore if you kept hold of your cash. Six weeks in South East Asia using money you’d normally be spending on rent? Make memories for life! 

Actually Eat Well

Gone are the days of stringent student budgeting when it comes to the big shop.

Imagine splashing out. We're talking branded cereal, avocados and actual toilet roll that doesn't feel like cardboard. All this could be possible with some money to spare.

Learn Something New 

For the sake of your own sanity, you’ll need hobbies at university.

Saving hundreds a month means you can invest in these things. Always fancied yourself a photographer? Get yourself a nice camera and get those memories you’re making in print. Got an idea for a YouTube channel? Buy a mic, and invest in a good setup.

Ultimately, the world is your oyster. So make the most of some extra cash.

Travel in Style

Although driving may not be top of the list for most students, there are several advantages.

Why not buy a car with the money you’d normally spend on rent? It'll come in handy when heading home for the holidays, going to see mates across the country, and even those 5am McDonald’s drive thru urges.

Say Yes More

Say yes to subscriptions, experiences, events and more. Having some extra money would go a long way to improving your university experience and allowing you to enjoy your downtime that little bit more.

You could find yourself having an impromptu arts and crafts lesson one weekend and a night at the theatre the next. 

Just imagine the possibilities. 

Save, Save, Save

It’s no secret that the university experience is a costly one. For most students, saving money as well as studying is near-fantasy.  

While it may sound a bit boring, a lot of students will never be in a position to put  money away for future plans, create a safety net, or invest in an ISA. . 

So why not use the opportunity to save some serious pennies ahead of graduating. 

To book a room at Liberty Living visit their website and for more details on the competition check out the terms and conditions here.

Toby Green
Toby Green on 21 January 2020