Tips for surviving winter in a freezing student house

Freya Hugheson 12 November 2019
Student wrapped up in a scarf and fairy lights with a hot drink

This time of year, nothing reminds you of your precarious financial situation more than getting home out of the cold and the heating

Those of you in your first year will be fine – your heating is included in your accommodation fees. Just wait until next winter.

There will be arguments over whether it should be turned on yet, what temperature to have it on, how many housemates voting ‘for’ it makes it a solid decision – we could go on. 

It’s a contentious issue. 

But to make sure you don’t freeze while all of this bickering plays out, read on.

Get your trackies on

Stockpile thick jumpers and tracksuit bottoms. That’s tip number one. 

That’s because these cosy, if a little unflattering, outfits are likely to become what you yearn for every time you head out into the dreaded cold. 

Morphing into a catch-all outfit of cosiness, that flexes from pyjamas to general inside wear, you’ll eventually become an avid trackies wearer. 

Get heat

It might feel like you can’t warm up no matter what you do. 

That’s when it’s time to bring out the big guns – the storage heater.

You’re technically swapping out your heating bill for your electricity bill. But, what your housemates don’t know can't hurt them... 

But, please, please be careful – don’t fall asleep with the heater on or leave it on while you’re out!

Turn your bed into your office

There comes a time, usually in the depths of January when it’s too cold to even snow when your heater and trackies combo just won’t cut it.

It’s time to move into the bed. 

With a bit of luck, you’ll have a decent duvet. If not, load up on blankets – the more the better. And if you’re feeling flush, you could even invest in a heated blanket, but tbh you’ll probably never want to leave the house again if you do that.

This is your home now. Your pillowy retreat for essay-writing, revising and anything else that doesn’t require movement.

Housemate huddle

Build a den in a communal space and bring all of the warming things you own. Fun and effective.

Picture this: a blankety haven of hot water bottles and body heat. Add in a takeaway and a nice bottle of plonk and there’s no reason to leave!

Hate people? No worries. Refer back to tip number three.

Double up

Sometimes you’ll be expected to leave the house for some reason or another. And this will be problematic for your desire to be warm.

So be prepared to wrap up. Like doubling up on everything, from legwear to coats. Gloves to socks. 

Anything for the cosy life. 

And thanks to your student status, you can get away with some of the more out-there sartorial choices.

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Freya Hugheson 12 November 2019