5 Tips For Smashing a Virtual University Interview

George Metcalfon 23 April 2020
Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash.

Who’d have thought that a viral pandemic would include so many video calls?

By now you’re probably familiar with the etiquette of less formal calls - quizzes, catch ups, hangouts, drinking sessions, etc, etc. - but what about something that really matters... like that looming university interview? Before you panic, we’ve got you covered. Check out our five top tips below.

Do Your Research

Pretty obvious we know, but motivation to do anything other than eat and sleep in lockdown is hard to find. Make the time to do some thorough research into the university, the course you’re applying to and the surrounding area, in the same way you would if you were heading there in person. Not only will it give you a big confidence boost and reignite some excitement, it’ll also keep you focussed on something positive. 

Dress to Impress

Remember going out clothes? Neither do we. But even in lockdown first impressions are everything. So dust off that fancy outfit you usually save for special occasions – normal interview rules apply. Opt for something professional (top half at least) and show your interviewer that you mean business. 

Create a Calm Space

We know it’s easier said than done but try to find, or create, a calm and non-distracting space for your interview. Avoid any distracting backgrounds, bad lighting or overly noisy locations and find some zen. 

Embrace Family Life

Whoever you’re living with at the minute, it’s safe to assume boundaries are out the window. By all means make it clear you don’t want to be disturbed, but don’t stress if someone starts making a noisy cup of tea or accidentally walks in-frame. Your interviewer will understand, as they’re most likely dealing with all this on their end as well! 


This is probably the golden rule for any interview, but even more so for a virtual setting. This whole situation is out of the ordinary, and we’re all figuring this shit out together. So try and relax as much as you can. 

Your Zoom call is probably going to freeze, you and the interviewer are probably going to talk over one another and then have a really awkward moment where you’re both afraid to speak, someone not on the call will probably start doing something noisy, but it’s all okay. 

Just remember, you’re not being assessed on the quality of the call itself.

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George Metcalfon 23 April 2020