5 Psychological Facts You Didn't Know About

In Partnership with FIKAon 20 January 2020
A lamp and mans legs next to a body of water.

Some of these facts might take you by surprise.

We've partnered with the emotional fitness app Fika, which helps to improve students wellbeing and resilience. They've prepared some psychological facts for us, some of which you may not already know.

The Smell of Oranges Reduces Stress

A useful fact, maybe grab yourself a few oranges before your next assignment, to help stay calm while the pressure ramps up.

Move Close to Happy Friends (It's a Great Idea)

If you live within one mile of a friend who becomes happy, it increases the probability that you’ll be happy by 25%. 

We're All Glued to Our Screens

We check our phones on average every 12 minutes during waking hours. If that's not an addiction, then I don't know what is.

It's All a Matter of Perspective

When you look at a hill with a friend it appears less steep than when you look at it alone. It's almost as if having someone by your side can make things a little easier.

We're Not All That Deep

People would rather talk about sex than talk about life’s meaning. Hardly that surprising.

In Partnership with FIKAon 20 January 2020