5 More Psychological Facts You Probably Didn't Know

In Partnership with FIKAon 26 March 2020
A woman meditating in the sunlight.

Fika is the student skills app, helping you build mental fitness and improve your emotional wellbeing through these tough times.

Now we’re dealing with social isolation and the challenge of studying remotely, it’s important to be informed. Read on for some facts that will help you understand and contextualise your thoughts.

Fika is co-created with 1000s of students, psychologists and Olympic athletes to increase your motivation, sharpen your focus, boost your confidence, strengthen your relationships and make you better able to manage anxiety and stress.

  • Research shows that nearly 43% of people would rather give themselves a small electric shock than spend up to 15 minutes on their own with their own thoughts.
  • Multitasking is impossible. All we’re really doing is rapidly switching our attention between tasks, which increases stress and feeling out of control.
  • Forcing your face into a smile can actually make you feel happier.
  • When presented with challenging or difficult situations, 79% of us cope better than we expect.
  • Writing down your goals and sharing them with a friend gives you a 75% chance of achieving them!

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In Partnership with FIKAon 26 March 2020