The 5 best vegan roasts for this year’s Christmas dinner

Lois King on 16 December 2020
vegan dinner

Veganism is on the rise, so we've come up with the ultimate guide to a vegan Christmas dinner that even non-vegans will love. Plus, it'll be within budget.

In 2018, 42% of those in the UK who tried out Veganuary decided to stay vegan afterwards, and more and more students are giving vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets a go. But, can Christmas really be done without the turkey and the pigs in blankets?

If you’re wondering where to buy the best vegan roast dinner for 2020, then look no further than this breakdown of the best plant-based meals you can make for you and your family this Christmas. And don’t worry, you need look no further than your local supermarket!

1. Tesco

Whether you’re looking for a beef Wellington without the guilt, or a turkey crown that tastes just as good as the real deal, the Wicked Kitchen range at Tesco has got everything you need. If you’re less into meat substitutes, then there’s also the festive vegan roast that you can get for just over £5. With less people at the table this year, you’ll only have to pick up one, too! Save your student budget for the January sales. 

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2. Aldi 

Aldi recently launched a plant-based range in their supermarkets, and it’s a hit if you’re on a tight student budget. From vegetable parcels to vegan ‘turkey’, you’ll find all the essentials at Aldi. Make sure to check out Aldi’s Christmas recipes so you can plan ahead for your vegan Christmas this year. 

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3. Marks and Spencer

The holy grail of all things Christmas, Marks and Spencer doesn’t scrimp on the vegan options. This is the best vegan Christmas food you’re going to find; their nut roasts are next level, packed with luxurious almonds and pecans. If you’re not into the traditional Christmas meal, then their normal year-round vegan range could also take centre-stage this Christmas. 

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4. Waitrose

If you’re after the taste of pigs in blankets, then Waitrose is the place to look. You can also push the boat out a little with their vegan festive filo swirls and really impress with a Moroccan-spiced vegan main that will hit the spot. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without some roasties, yorkshire puddings, veg and stuffing… (which you can find at Waitrose).

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5. Tastecard

And if you can’t be bothered to slave away in the kitchen this year, or you’re alone for Christmas, then remember you’ve got our exclusive student Tastecard to use for money off your favourite restaurants, such as two-for-one pizza. Because, let’s be real, no-one really likes Brussels sprouts anyway. 

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Lois King
Lois King on 16 December 2020