5 Best Techniques for Last Minute Revision

Libby Tiernanon 23 May 2019
5 Best Techniques for Last Minute Revision

Exams coming at you thick and fast? Haven’t done as much revision as you’d have liked? Don’t worry, we’ve got the 5 best tricks for revising last-minute.

I don’t wish to alarm you, but exams are less than a month away. But don’t panic! Whether you’ve been revising since February, or just picked up a book for the first time today, these 5 last-minute revision hacks will make sure you get the most out of the time you have left.

1. Prioritise your topics

There’s no point going over the stuff you’re already really good at, but you also can’t afford to waste precious time on the finer details of the topics least likely to come up on the exam. Before you start, have a look at your exam board specification to find out exactly which bits you need to know.

2. Be creative

Do you still spell out Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants in your head when spelling ‘because’? That’s because it’s effective. Using mnemonics and jokes in your notes only makes them easier to remember in the exam, when everything you thought you knew has just slipped from memory.

3. Use summaries instead of full notes

A bullet-point list is so much easier on the eye than three or four textbook pages. As well as this, summarising topics in your own words makes you more likely to remember them and means that you can cover more topics at the same time.

4. Get up earlier

This close to exams, every hour is precious. Why waste three hours sleeping in when you could get a head start on those cue cards instead? Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for sleeping during the longest summer of your life.

5. Don’t give up

It may seem like a huge, cruel task to cram for all these exams in one go, but don’t give up so soon. The end is in sight, so make sure to treat yourself when it’s all over.

Libby Tiernanon 23 May 2019