5 of the best virtual drinking games to play over Zoom

Lois King on 8 December 2020

Here are our five best online drinking games to play with friends. Remember to drink responsibly!

We know you’re fed up of Covid and you just want to chill out over Christmas. With group trips to the pub off the cards, many of you will be looking for ways to catch up virtually instead. To spice up your next Zoom call, try out one of our five favourite virtual drinking games with your friends. These fun and easy drinking games will help you to relive the messy feeling of getting drunk and curing the hangover with a Maccie’s the next day; just remember to drink responsibly!

1. Truth or dare

We’re all familiar with this one. Get creative with the dares; you might even create a rule that the dares have to be filmed and posted on Insta stories. Failure to post equals another shot.

2. The name game

This online drinking game is dangerous; someone says the name of a famous person and whatever the last letter is, the next person has to think of another famous person whose name begins with that letter. Seems too easy, right? The catch is that as soon as the person before gives their answer, you must continuously drink your drink until you give your answer. 

3. The five second rule 

Take inspiration from Ellen Degeneres’ show and take it in turns asking each other to name three things within five seconds. For example, ‘name three things you do to avoid going to lectures’. Name all three within the timer and you’re safe. If you fail to do so? You guessed it! Drink.

4. Quiplash

Go head to head with a friend in this battle of being the wittiest. Whoever gives the funniest answer wins, and the other drinks. For example, ‘the worst advice your personal tutor could give you’. Buy the game for £10 or save your student loan by creating the prompts yourself.

5. Picolo

Firstly, put your friends’ names in the Picolo app (don’t worry - it’s free). Once you’re all set up, Piccolo will prompt you to do specific tasks with a boozy penalty. It also features rounds where you have to have a drink if you fit a certain demographic. For example, it might tell you to take a shot if you’re a fan of Sheffield United. Fun for all; what’s not to love?

There you have it, five interactive online drinking games that you can play with friends to chase away the lockdown boredom. If you’re lucky enough to be in a bubble with your uni housemates and you’re not going home this Christmas, then check out these drinking games which you can play in-person.

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Lois King
Lois King on 8 December 2020