5 Awkward Housemate Scenarios and How to Deal with Them

Sponsored by acasaon 1 October 2019

Hate to break it to you, but you’ll now be spending a bit more time sorting bills, organising spring cleans and turning your room into a greenhouse when you go overboard on plants.

This also means you might find yourself in some unpleasant situations with your new housemates. 

We’re here to take you through some awkward scenarios you’ll likely encounter, and how to deal with them!

Paying the bills

With great student loans comes great responsibility. Although it may be tempting to immediately spend your entire loan on everything you could possibly (not) need - put down the chocolate fountain. It’s time to get serious with your finances. 

The last thing you want is to be in a situation where you have to tell your new housemates you won’t be able to help out with the electricity bill this month. And this works both ways! You don’t want to be chasing someone on every possible Facebook and Whatsapp chat because they won't pay their bills on time. 

Luckily the 21st century has brought us wonderful technology that lifts the pressure of household bills falling on just one person and issues with housemates not paying their fair share of the bills. 

Useful apps like acasa can take the worry out of sorting bills. You can create an account in a couple of minutes and there are no sign up fees in sight. 

It’s also really simple to use. Just tell acasa what bills you need (energy, internet, water, TV Licence) and they’ll contact the suppliers to set the bills up for you. Then each housemate will be charged their share of all the bills in one monthly payment. You don’t need to worry about forgetting to pay your bills either, as the app sends notifications to let you know when they’re due, and it’s all done via direct debit, so you’ll hardly notice! All you have to do is press accept, then BAM, convenient payment for all. 

Oh and did we mention you’ll get a £30 Just Eat voucher if you sign up to them? Free food? Yes please.

Cleaning the house

Have you heard the rumours of the never-ending pile of unwashed dishes in almost every student kitchen across the nation? Well, the rumours are true guys. But you don’t have to be a part of the trend.

You can’t predict the cleanliness of your new housemates until you’ve had at least a few weeks to settle in. But you can prevent that awkward ‘CLEAN YOUR MESS YOU SLOB’ conversation. 

It might sound old fashioned, but we would strongly advise putting together a cleaning rota. Because not only is this an ideal solution to keep the clean flow rolling, you can also spot who’s not doing their bit. Better yet, cleaning rota apps like OurHome and Tody now exist so you can be paperless and eco friendly with your rota.

So when you find the messy culprit, you can throw their rank dishes in their bed. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point though…

Party rules

Just because you no longer live in a house with parental supervision, it doesn’t mean party rules won’t apply. We’re not saying you need ‘permission’, but if you’re planning a party, let your housemates know with decent notice. Because mutual respect is super important. 

We’d also advise keeping your party mates in check and being clear about which rooms in the house are off limits. Try and do anything you can to avoid any uncomfortable situations arising. Would you want to come home to surprise strangers in your bed? (I mean you might…) Or how about someone else’s WKD vomit in your bed? (Probably not ideal…)

Broken possessions

As much as you want to hide the lamp you broke under the sofa, just don’t. Accidents happen, but that also doesn’t mean you can deny the whole thing, pretend it didn’t happen, shrug your shoulders and offer a half-arsed apology. 

It might just be a lamp to you, but this could be the lamp of a lifetime to poor Felicia. You’re an adult now, own up and take responsibility. (As terrifying as that may seem…)

Offer a proper apology, offer to pay for a new one, heck, offer up yourself as a replacement lamp. As long as you offer a genuine apology and motivation to fix the issue, then your housemates will have less of a reason to hold an awkward grudge against you.

Shared spaces

You’ve now entered the realm of 10 housemates and a single bathroom to share. So set some ground rules now—seriously. Otherwise you might never get a chance to shower, EVER. 

Luckily, you’ll probably have the advantage of a group of flatmates with varying lecture timetables, which will eliminate the pressure of everyone getting their precious morning bathroom time. But, much like the old fashioned cleaning rota, get yourselves a shared space schedule! 

Hold a house meeting and work out when all of your lectures are. This way you’re not left fighting for the last bit of hot water every night, or the precious hobs to heat up your instant noodles.

Sometimes awkward situations can’t be avoided. But with mutual respect between you and your housemates, you can try your best to avoid any unnecessary conflict!

Happy adulting!

Sponsored by acasaon 1 October 2019