12 Things to do After you Finish Exams

on 19 May 2014
12 Things to do After you Finish Exams

With the stress of exams soon to be over, it's almost time to start your summer! Check out what awesome things you should be doing after you finish your last exam.

Exam season 2016 is upon us, and that unfortunately means that you're most likely stuck inside with your head in a book thinking this will never end! The weather has started to turn summery and using all your meteorological expertise you’ve worked out that as soon as you finish exams it will start raining again. Well, that could be the case, but then again the spring hasn’t been that great weather wise, so we’re are due a warm summer!

Luckily for you, the exam season will end, and will actually end very soon for most of you. And this is where the fun begins. Even though it’s a four month summer, the best bit is that two or three weeks after your last exam when you don’t have a care in the world and everyone hangs around at uni basically to party and have fun. Most people have plans during the summer, whether it’s work, internships or travelling therefore it is likely to be the last time all your mates will be together for a long while. So, you need to make the most of it, especially if you are graduating in the summer!

You will be probably going out most nights but you can’t just rely on getting hopelessly drunk for three weeks to fill your time. So here's Student Hut's list of things to do once you’ve finished your exams.


As the UK is an Island, it means we are surrounded by beaches. Actually, you cannot be more than 70 miles from the sea at any point in Britain. Therefore, get someone who’s got a car on board and head down to the beach. The great thing is you can do this mid-week so will have the beach pretty much to yourselves and no annoying kids running about.

Daytrip to the Beach


Most likely, you’ll be moving back to your parents’ house which means that it will be unlikely that you'll be allowed a small gathering let alone a full blown house party. Plus, by this time in the year, you probably know that you’re not going to get back your full deposit, so you may as well throw a houseparty.

Throwing a House Party

Live off Barbeque Food

If the weather is good, those few weeks after exams should involve as many barbeques as possible. Doing BBQs gives you an excuse invite people over and get outside. This time next month, you'll be so bored of burgers and sausage, that even a salad will look appealing.

British Barbecue

Get your armbands ready for the Paddling Pool

Well, if you’re going to have a BBQ, you may as well have a paddling pool too. Unfortunately, you probably can’t afford a hot tub on a student budget, so you’ll have to settle for the next best thing. Plus, if it’s far too cold to actually use it, you could always chill your beers in it!

Students in Paddling Pool

Have a last Supper with your housemates

This may be the last time you live with these people, especially if you are graduating! So it's worth making the effort and planning a great meal with all your housemates. Don’t just offer them some left over chilli; everyone should get involved and make something a bit fancy. Chuck in a couple of glasses of wine each and a cheese plate, and it could actually be vaguely sophisticated.

The Last Supper at Uni


Yes! The festival season is about to get going and they make a perfect excuse to get a few days away with your uni mates. If your budget doesn't stretch to a big festival, why not go to a much cheaper local festival. If the weather is good and the beer flowing, the quality of music isn't that important anyway.

Visit Mates at Other Unis

Remember back to September when you promised your mates from back home that you’ll visit them at their universities? I’m guessing this hasn’t quite happened yet. Well, after exams is the perfect time to actually do it. You'll all be free and there will be plenty of post-exam partying going on wherever you head to!

Visiting friends at other Universities

Go on holiday

Many of you will be jetting off to some of Europe’s finest party destinations for sun, sand and clubbing. Even if you haven’t booked, you can get still get some mates together and do a last minute thing. If not, Britain may not be the worse idea for a long weekend getaway. Blackpool Tower anyone?

Going on holiday while at University


Get your arts and crafts boxes out and put in a big effort for one final fancy dress night out. Students appreciate awesome fancy dress, so be the talk of the nightclub as you stroll in as anything from a banana to Henry VIII!

Student Fancy Dress

Get ready for beach season

As you will have very little to do during the day, the post exam period is the perfect time to get fitter and tone-up ready for the longer summer ahead. During the stress of exams, the gym sessions and the healthy eating have probably been sacrificed. Now's the time to get back that beach body!

Students going to the Beach


The exams are a stressful time and you need to reset the batteries and relax afterwards. There is no better way to do that than heading to a spa for a few hours. With the deals you can get, it doesn't even have to be that expensive! However, if the student loan really has all gone, having a pampering evening in would do the trick too.

Student Spa Day

Host a Cocktail Making Evening

Instead of celebrating finishing your exams with a warm tinnie of Strongbow, why not buy the ingredients to make some great cocktails. Split the cost between a few of you and it won't be that much more expensive than you normal pre-drinks! Summer is the perfect time for it too, so get some mint, ice and juice in and see what you can concoct.

Student Cocktail Making Evening

We hope this list have given you some epic ideas on how to celebrate finishing exams. It could be one of the best times of life, so make sure whatever you're doing, you do it in style.

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By Ben Triggs

on 19 May 2014