11 Ways to Unexpectedly Ruin Your Holiday

Charlie Roberson with Go Compareon 24 May 2016
11 Ways to Unexpectedly Ruin Your Holiday

And how to avoid them.

Summer is nearly here, and that means two things: everyone's exams are nearly over (at last) and it’s almost time for holidays. Whatever kind of getaway you’ve got booked, there are a few things you may not have thought of that could potentially wreck your trip away, especially if you’re travelling on a student budget.

We’ve teamed up with the disaster-avoiding experts at Gocompare.com to let you know what to look out for to make sure you don’t get stung (metaphorically speaking- we can’t actually account for any bees you may meet on your travels).

1. Not getting travel insurance

It’s tempting to to shrug off travel insurance if you’re trying to stretch your student budget as far as you can. However it is never worth the risk. An accident, illness or lost item can turn your holiday upside-down, forcing you to deal with unfamiliar problems and potentially huge costs for medical care or repatriation.

Save yourself the hassle and get some insurance to cover your trip. Gocompare.com allows you to compare providers quickly and easily, allowing you to find the cover you need for the right price: check it out here.

2. Not checking your accommodation

There’s nothing more important than your accommodation when you travel. That’s why it’s worth reading up on your options when it comes to booking somewhere. Don’t just go for the cheapest option on Hostelworld: read user reviews, check locations on Google Maps and Street View and ask people you know for recommendations.

3. Needing a way out of the airport

Just getting from one airport to another is sometimes so demanding that it’s easy to forget that your journey doesn’t end there. You still need to get from the airport to your accommodation. Sometimes this can be done by public transport but if not you may want to book an airport transfer in advance. It could be cheaper than getting a cab. Gocompare.com has an easy to use service to help you out on this one.

Source: Turkey Tours Option

4. Not Preparing for the Weather

It would be nice to have guaranteed sun every day of your holiday but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Packing a raincoat or jumper can be the difference between bad weather being a slight inconvenience or a sudden holiday-ruiner.

5. Travelling with the wrong people

Depending on your friendship group, this may be a difficult issue. If you’re lucky, all of your friends will be able to co-exist happily on a holiday together and you won’t need to stress about it. If that isn’t the case, think carefully about whether you want to spend the time, effort and money planning a holiday that may be spoiled by drama…

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6. Hidden charges

If you want proof that you live in a cruel world, look no further than hidden charges that some companies will try and get from you during your holiday. At the very least make sure your phone service and your bank won’t charge you extra for using their services overseas.

7. Spending too much/ too little

Look, no-one really wants to be talking about budgets when it comes to holidays. You seem like a responsible person and you know better than anyone how much you can or can’t afford to spend on your holiday. Just promise us you’ll think about it. Sorry to sound like your mum. Here’s a nice holiday picture to make up for it.

8. Getting drunk in the wrong places

Sampling the local nightlife is an essential part of every student holiday and definitely isn’t something to be missed out on. At the same time, try to avoid going too far if you’re unfamiliar with the city and can’t guarantee a safe route home. FOMO is bad, but not as bad as waking up in jail/ in hospital/ unable to find your trousers.

9. Not appreciating the locals

Interacting with the locals is one of the great pleasures of travelling. You can get some great stories out of it as well as useful advice on the local area. Conversely, having a bad experience with locals can really cast a shadow on your holiday as a whole. In extreme cases, it could even land you in serious trouble. Stay respectful and everyone will have a better time.

10. Losing your passport

Just don’t (although if you do, bring a police report to your embassy or consulate and explain your case).

11. Stressing about it too much

Having the perfect holiday requires just the right amount of attention to detail. Yes, a poorly planned holiday can be a disaster but an overplanned one can sometimes be no fun at all. Don’t be afraid to wander off the beaten track if you’re feeling adventurous or take a morning to chill in bed if you’re tired. After all, it’s your holiday!

Want more ways to guarantee a stress-free holiday? Check out Gocompare.com to compare prices on flights, hotels, car hire, ferries and more!

Charlie Roberson with Go Compareon 24 May 2016