Eleven breathtakingly beautiful campuses at UK universities

Ellen Moyse on 3 October 2016
university of cambridge

Ah, British universities! With some of the oldest universities around, Britain has an incredible intellectual tradition. It’s no wonder with campuses as beautiful as these...

The University of Oxford

Oxford is reputed worldwide, and not just for its education. These buildings are famous for their breathtaking glory, so much so that some of them have been featured in Harry Potter, A Beautiful Mind and many more. The picture on the top left is a real library that is currently in use. No wonder they get so much work done.

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The University of Aberdeen

Scotland has some glorious architecture and its universities are no exception. The main gate was built in 1912 and maintains all its beautiful splendour, which seems a perfect match for the rolling hills and Aberdeen University’s own gorgeous botanical gardens. Och aye.

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The University of Durham

If you want a uni that makes you feel like a princess, you could do much worse than Durham, where splendid castles tower over glassy lakes and ivy creeps up the ancient buildings.

Bangor University

Perhaps the most beautiful on the list, and certainly the most underrated, Bangor University in Wales is a haven for chic, ancient, castle-style buildings, neat lawns and majestic libraries. The main arts library (bottom right) even has a red carpet down the middle.

Royal Holloway University

There is certainly a castle theme with beautiful British universities. It has the highest rating of all the unis on Student Hut and Royal Holloway is nothing short of a palace; elaborate paintings coat the ceilings and walls inside and outside you find yourself on enormous enclosed stretches of green lawn.

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The University of Cambridge

Cambridge University is famous for more than just Footlights and Stephen Fry. The university is nestled within this gorgeous city, with eye-wateringly beautiful views of the colleges from the river, and they’re certainly not short of lush greenery either.

Queen's University Belfast

The redbrick castle that is Belfast University is insanely stunning both inside and out, with gleaming marble floors, period statues and intricate turrets. Even the flowers are inspiring. Someone get me a pen I’m ready to write my book.

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The University of Saint Andrews

It’s the cobbled ruins that make the views at St Andrew's really special; even the cafe nearby (bottom right) is in-keeping. The library (top left) is a space most mortals can only dream of, with stained glass windows and huge archways housing rows of lit-up bookshelves.

The University of Bristol

Another uni nestled in the city, Bristol’s architecture leaves other unis panting with jealousy. They’ve got sexy columns, memorial buildings occasionally struck by rainbows and hall grounds (top left) so stunning that marriages are often held there.

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The University of Glasgow

Another Scottish beauty, Glasgow University has got to be a contender for the most Instagram-able university. They have pointed slate turrets above antique windows and greenery everywhere.

The University of Edinburgh

Is there a Scottish university that doesn’t make you feel like you’re in Hogwarts? Edinburgh continues the tradition with hugely ornate, open-plan buildings, unforgettable architecture and of course, lots and lots of green outdoor space.

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Ellen Moyse
Ellen Moyse on 3 October 2016