10 Underrated YouTubers You Should Be Watching

Lily Webberon 20 September 2018
10 Underrated YouTubers You Should Be Watching

Looking for something new to watch on YouTube but you don’t know where to look? Here is a list of 10 underrated YouTubers, with either less than a million subscribers or who aren’t very well known, that you need to start watching now...

10. Mia Maples

YouTube channel: Mia Maples

Genre: Beauty and Fashion

Subscribers: 782,000

Mia has gained a name for herself in the last few months by doing fashion reviews of cheap clothing and makeup brands, like Romwe and Wish. Aside from her videos being super helpful she’s also adorable and has a fun personality!

YouTuber holding up stationery


9. TheRealAlexBertie

YouTube Channel: TheRealAlexBertie

Genre: LGBT Advice

Subscribers: 311,000

Alex is a real poster boy for the Trans community, he even released a book called ‘Trans Mission’ last year. On his channel, he has documented his FTM transition and offers advice on all things Trans. Whether you’re part of the LGBT community or you want to be more educated on Trans people then Alex is your guy.

Pictures of LGBT rights YouTuber


8. Carrie Hope Fletcher

YouTube: Carrie Hope Fletcher

Genre: Music and Vlogs

Subscribers: 648,000

Vlogger, Author and West End Star – is there anything Carrie can’t do? You may know her as Tom Fletcher’s (McFly’s lead singer) little sister, but Carrie has a whole lot more going for her than that. Whilst Carrie’s mostly busy killing it as the lead in ‘Heathers The Musical’ (which is amazing, go see it) and writing books, she still makes time to post vlogs to her YouTube channel documenting it all! Carrie is a quirky and talented sweetheart and you’ll all fall in love with her.

Pictures of YouTuber


7. Kelsey Kreppel

YouTube Channel: Kelsey Kreppel

Genre: Vlogs

Subscribers: 130,000

Kelsey is only just getting started with her channel so it won’t take long for you to get all caught up with her greatest hits! From her story-telling and advice vlogs to her cute collabs with her boyfriend reviewing fashion she will have you in stitches.

YouTuber smiling and looking at camera

Source: kelsey_kreppel

6. SuperCarlinBrothers

YouTube Channel: SuperCarlinBrothers

Genre: Movie Review/ Theory

Subscribers: 1.6 million

The Carlin Brothers share a love for all things Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and Harry Potter. Chances are at least one of those movie franchises will interest you. The brothers will keep you entertained twice a week with their crazy theories and challenging each other to insanely difficult quizzes. Definitely worth a watch if you're interested in all things movies!

Super Carlin Brothers

Source: YouTube

5. Call Me Kevin

YouTube Channel: Call Me Kevin

Genre: Gaming

Subscribers: 1.1 million

An Irish gaming YouTuber who doesn’t take his gameplay videos all too seriously. His hysterical commentary is accompanied by him playing an assortment of games and trying to mess about in the game as much as possible. Kevin’s Sims 4 series is one to start you off as you follow his character ‘Jim Pickens’ in all the hilarious situations Kevin creates for him. Definitely one for fans of more popular gaming YouTubers such as JackSepticEye and Markiplier.


4. JaackMaate

YouTube Channel: JaackMaate

Genre: Commentary Comedy

Subscribers: 841,000

Jack is a sarcastic comedian who makes fun of everyone and everything, including himself. At first, he may come across as a little mouthy but you’ll soon learn that’s all part of his charm. His most popular videos are him commentating on weird and cringey things he finds on YouTube and they are laugh out loud funny.

Source: jaackmaate

3. Stephen Tries

YouTube Channel: Stephen Tries

Genre: Sketch Comedy

Subscribers: 560,000

Stephen Tries has been making comedy sketches for a couple of years now. The production value of his videos are intentionally low-budget as it’s obvious that his videos are just him and his mates having a laugh. Most of his videos are a bit (if not very) silly but the jokes are genuinely funny and the videos are short so they’re perfect if you’re in need of a quick laugh.

YouTubers wearing a wig and pointing a water gun


2. Mr Sunday Movies

YouTube Channel: Mr Sunday Movies

Genre: Movie Review

Subscribers: 879,000

Mr Sunday Movies is an Australian channel that uploads videos about all sorts of movies but specialises in superhero movies. The videos range from wild theories to trailer breakdowns but the thing that makes this channel super special is the host, James Clement. Not only does he over-analyse movies for us but his commentary on his videos is incredibly funny, and he doesn’t even show his face! He and his friend Nick Mason also have a podcast, Weekly Planet - check it out if you love all things cinema!


1. Cody Ko

YouTube Channel: Cody Ko

Genre: Sketch Comedy/ Commentary

Subscribers: 1.3 million

You may remember Cody from Vine back in the day but nowadays he’s starting to brew up a storm on YouTube. His ‘That’s Cringe’ videos are the best gateway into his channel where he and his friend react to cringey things on the internet. While Cody is laugh out loud funny on his own he also makes a lot of reaction and parody music videos with his best friend Noel Miller. These guys are my favourite people on YouTube at the moment, so you definitely have to check them both out!

Two YouTubers

Source: codyko

Happy Watching!

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Lily Webberon 20 September 2018