10 Reasons Why Cats Are WAY Better Than Dogs

Georgina Willis on 23 May 2019
10 Reasons Why Cats Are WAY Better Than Dogs

If you need to convince your friends that cats are the way forward, we've put together 10 reasons why the future is feline!

As someone from a family with four cats and one dog, I feel very qualified to weigh in on the most controversial topics online – dogs vs cats. I’m sorry folks but cats win paws down every time.

1. They don’t smell

Okay so that one’s not strictly true. Some cats smell. ¼ of my cats smell, but 100% of dogs have stinky breath. Also, the wet dog smell is not an issue.

2. Cats are quiet

Your average house cat won’t go absolutely mental whenever anyone walks past your house or rings the doorbell. In fact, my cats are terrified of the doorbell and run away at the sound.

3. They’re less needy

A cat does always not need to be with you. You can go out and leave them alone for hours, as long as they have enough food they’ll be happy.

Or at least they won’t chew everything in protest.

4. You don’t have to walk them

Cats don’t need exercising! They do it all themselves. No early morning walks before school or work, no walking in the rain! It’s excellent. Cats just need a little indoor playtime and they’re happy. Buy them an expensive cat toy that they will never use and then just let them play with a stick they found in the garden for hours of entertainment.

5. Cat love means more

Harsh, I know. But cat love really does mean more than dog love. Dogs love pretty much everyone they encounter, but cats? Cats love you and only you. A cat will select one human to be their favourite and then they will love you forever.

6. Longer lifespan

It’s about to get all sad up in here y’all.

Time to get serious (seriously sad). One of the worst feelings in the world is the pain of a pet dying. Still, on average, cats live longer than dogs by 7 years.

7. No messy baths

Cats don’t need cleaning as dogs do! Their tongues are specially designed to clean their fur. So that means no painful baths with a screaming animal.

8. Lap cats are great

Unless you have something small, such as a Pomeranian or a Chihuahua, chances are your dog can’t sit on your lap. Cat’s can! They are small, cute and not too heavy!

9. Cat is God

What Hermione said.

10. There are more cats than dogs

In sheer numbers alone, cats beat dogs. There are an estimated 9 million stray cats in the UK, so clearly most people have figured out cats are the way to go.

Georgina Willis on 23 May 2019