10 Pictures of Cats to Make You Cry With Laughter

Robyn Chowdhuryon 9 August 2018
10 Pictures of Cats to Make You Cry With Laughter

So, there’s an international Cat Day! Who knew? But at this point, who really needs another excuse to look at cat photos?

Our feline friends have been providing us with joy, cuddles and less-than-playful bites since day one, so let’s take a look at the cats that have made us laugh the most.

1. Sink Monster

Described by one Reditor as ‘the horrifying lovechild of Gollum and a yeti’, this unnerving feline isn’t afraid to show his distaste for baths. Looking almost like a sink-monster, I’d hate to be the one responsible for his hygiene….

cat yeti.jpg


2. Kitty In A Hurry

This full-speed cat seems to be navigating its way to something very important. Government meeting? International conference? Or has he just heard someone opening a tin of cat food? We may never know.



3. Curious Cat

Cats sneezing will never not be funny. His curious expression looks almost as if he’s judging us. But how can we complain with a face that cute?



4. Fine Dining Feline

Cats have always had weird eating habits. I’ve known cats to eat Marmite, baked-beans and even drink tea. But this one really takes the biscuit (pun intended). Splayed out like a starfish, you’ve got to wonder whether this is a regular thing or if this kitty just had a really long day.


5. Coffee Cat

This worried looking feline looks just like we do on a Monday morning! Coffee and breakfast in hand (or paw) it seems to be contemplating life and the universe.

coffee cat.jpg


6. Horse-Cat

As far as hybrids go, a cat and a horse is an unlikely combination. But this little guy looks just as surprised as we are that he’s inside a horse’s mouth. Maybe he thought the horse head was a weirdly shaped cat tunnel? Another of the world’s cat-related mysteries.

horse cat.jpg


7. Sushi Cat

This has to be one of the most adorable cat photos online. His little sushi outfit, combined with his authentic soy sauce and sick-of-life expression really make this photo a work of art.

sushi cat.jpg

8. Banana Cat

Alright, so I’m pretty sure this is photoshopped and the cat isn’t really disgusted by the banana, but given their reactions to cucumbers there’s a small chance this really happened. And, to this cat’s credit, he is the star of a moderately catchy youtube video about him and his banana.

bananna cat.png

9. Guilty Kitty

So this guy’s definitely been up to no good. You can almost imagine what his owners must have felt pulling him out of that box and, well, his face gives away exactly how he feels about it.

guilty cat.jpg


10. Liquid Cat

cat jar.jpg


Firstly, I’d like to assure you that this cat is fine. Apparently it’s a pretty regular occurrence with this particular feline, and considering that cats are basically liquid and can fit into any and all spaces, we might as well have a laugh at it. You’ve really got to wonder how cats decide where they want to sleep, and why it would ever be what looks like an old jar of cherries.

To all cats and cat-lovers alike, whether your cat is old or young, cheeky or cheerful, fluffy or bald, happy International Cat Day! We hope you’re spending it with a feline you love.

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Robyn Chowdhuryon 9 August 2018