10 of the most bizarre courses you can study at university

Lucy McLeanon 10 October 2018
10 of the most bizarre courses you can study at university

With all the new faces around these last few weeks, we’re sure you’ll have met people from loads of different courses. But have you met anyone studying a DJ degree? No? Well, you might just bump into students on these courses instead...

1. BSc Brewing and Distilling - Heriot-Watt University

If you’re going to uni you’re probably going to be doing a lot of drinking, so why not become an expert in it? Your homebrew is guaranteed to go down a storm with flatmates. And on top of it all, you’ll get to call yourself a scientist!

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2. FdSc Wine Production - Plumpton College

As above, but for the more sophisticated scientist. It’s a shame they don’t offer both of these courses at the same uni - that would make for some rather interesting pre-drinks…

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3. "Pizza Hut Studies" - Manchester Metropolitan University

The perfect way to make all that pizza-eating you do at uni become actually productive. Okay, so it’s real name is a ‘Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship’ (BA), which can be applied to a variety of different companies, but it hit the news a couple of years ago when Pizza Hut offered thousands of apprenticeships to students. We definitely think having a degree in pizza sounds cooler, so that’s what we’re calling it!

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4. BA DJ Practice - University of Central Lancashire

Yet another degree that combines the non-studying side of uni with the studying part. To be fair, would you be complaining if you got to study something you do for fun? And you get to be a proper DJ if you have a degree in it, right?

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5. BSc Ethical Hacking - Abertay University

Because instead of just studying Computer Science, these students wanted to make sure the hacking they do is certified, degree-level, acceptable hacking…

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6. BA Bags and Accessories - University of the Arts London

As if you didn’t have enough of an excuse to splash the Student Finance on a new designer bag!

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7. BA Football Studies - Southampton Solent University

Do you know the difference between Madonna and Maradona? Did you master the Dele challenge? Can you reel off every World Cup winning country since 1966? Then this might be the dream degree you never knew existed…

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8. FdSc Yacht Operations - University of Plymouth

The perfect course for all those JP-from-Fresh-Meat types lurking around campus. Boat party, anyone?

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9. Horse Management - Craven College

When people say uni is a waste of time because it’s “just three years of just horsing around”, tell them this degree exists.

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10. MA Stained Glass Conservation - University of York

Not exactly your everyday masters, and definitely a talking point! Finished your undergrad and not sure what to do with your life? Why not pick the most random course we’ve ever come across!?

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We’ve had a bit of a laugh, but seriously, whatever course you pick at uni, the most important thing is that it’s right for you. Screw the haters! To find out what these crazy courses are actually like, or if you’ve done one and want to tell the rest of the world that it’s the best thing since sliced bread, visit our course review pages.

Lucy McLeanon 10 October 2018