10 Christmas present ideas for under £25

Molly Judgeon 2 December 2021
10 Christmas present ideas for under £25

Save some cash this festive season with these thoughtful gifts for under £25.

As a child, Christmas means a day of opening presents and playing with new toys. As an adult, Christmas Day is still great, but the lead up is stressful and can be really expensive.

Luckily, we’re here to help you save: Student Hut has compiled a list of gift ideas that are kind to your purse strings and stress levels. You’re welcome!

1. A framed photo

Photos can be easily printed from apps like FreePrints, while frames can cost as little as a couple of quid from shops like TK Maxx. Whether you give someone a particularly special photo or a selection of treasured memories, this is a very thoughtful gift.

2. A wine mulling set

Super festive and super fun, you can buy these sets online and warm those long winter evenings right up!

3. A bunch of flowers or a pot plant

Since you can order flowers and plants online and get them delivered straight to the door, this is a very easy present to organise. We recommend using Patch for a great selection of house plants of different sizes and prices or Bunches for well-priced and beautiful bunches of flowers. 

4. A candle

A lovely present, perfect for melting away the stress of hosting the in-laws over Christmas.

5. Christmas jumper

Nobody buys themselves a Christmas jumper, but deep down everybody wants one. Or maybe that’s just me!

6. A meal out

Whether with friends or a partner, people often can’t find the time to enjoy a meal out. Ordering a voucher for that special someone’s favourite restaurant is a fool-proof present, that you might even be able to also enjoy yourself if you’re lucky.

7. Novelty underwear

This is great as a stocking filler or a main present and is guaranteed to cause a lot of laughs come Christmas morning. The more inappropriate, the better! 

8. Wine and cheese night

Thanks to online deliveries, it’s super easy to order someone a set of cheese, crackers, chutney, and maybe a bottle of wine to wash it down with. This makes for an affordable, thoughtful gift.

9. Gingerbread house

This is a really fun idea for your creative friends. You could buy a pre-made gingerbread house with a decorating kit, or put your culinary skills to the test and bake one yourself.

10. Massage

While this may seem a bit excessive before Christmas, a massage may well be necessary if you’ve had to spend a little too much time with annoying relatives over the holidays!

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Molly Judgeon 2 December 2021