10 Cats That Show Every Student Emotion Possible

Georgina Willis on 4 April 2019
10 Cats That Show Every Student Emotion Possible

Whether you're a cat lover or not, these felines pretty much sum up the student experience!

Number 1

This cat is an all too common feeling amongst students – the realisation that you have a 3000-word essay due in a few hours and you haven’t even begun your research. Better whip out the old laptop and wing your way through another 10% of your overall grade.

Number 2

When your alarm goes off at 7 on a Wednesday morning for that 9 am lecture and you’re so hungover because you made the mistake of partying until 3 am with your mates who, surprise surprise, do not have a 9 am class.

Number 3

Haven’t seen your friend in a while? Student night at the local hotspot? This cat is you dragging your friends out for a night of dancing, drinking (and probably puking) when you all know you will regret it in the morning.

Number 4

Now, this is familiar. Sitting in the library doing all the secondary research for your essay but really thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner.

It’s probably pasta or pot noodles, you’re a student.

Number 5

You’re an adult now! You get excited about boring things like letters, stationary, banks and yes… your own laundry. Nothing beats the feeling of having actually been productive after washing all your clothes.

Number 6

Free food? Yes, please! I’m small, poor and very, very hungry.

Number 7

This is you and your best mate when you’re both skipping class to sleep… you know you should go but you’re just so comfy…

Number 8

Are you the mum friend? Are you the responsible one? Do you constantly find yourself carrying your friends home from the club because they had one (or six) too many? This cat is you. Mama cat and her dumbass kittens.

Number 9

You’ve just been home to see your parents. Your mum’s concerned you’re not eating properly because ‘you’re still my baby’ and she worries too much… so you spend the weekend living like royalty… but then you have to go back to living on a student budget.

Number 10

I mean…

Is this you when you skip a lecture? Is it you when you raise your hand to answer a question and get it right? Either way, this cat is a student.


This isn’t even a student thing, I just love this gif.

Georgina Willis on 4 April 2019