10 best party cities in the UK

Kirsty Mason on 5 October 2018
People partying in an atmospherc nightclub in a student city

What are the best cities for student nightlife? Here are the top 10 party cities in the UK, as voted for by students! Drumroll, please...


Wales grabs a medal with the picturesque Cardiff. Not only is there a range of fantastic clubs and pubs for the partying student, but there's also loads of shops and restaurants that even the fussiest of students will be pleased.

What the students say: "The nights out are amazing - so close to the University and so much fun! People in Wales are so friendly and the capital is so accessible."


Bar-crawl like never before with ‘Mumbles Mile’, a mile-long stretch of bars across the coast of Swansea. That’s not all Swansea has to offer, with plenty of restaurants and bars in the city centre.

What the students say: "Lots of places to eat at and order food. Decent amount of pubs and clubs, however, the real gem is the wonderful untouched coastline in the Mumbles area. Lovely to swim in, jump off cliffs etc..."


Karaoke bars, comedy nights, and a fantastic LGBT scene, Bristol certainly doesn’t disappoint students looking for a night out. Fancy something different? Clubbing on a boat? Bristol has it all.

What the students say: "There is something for everyone in Bristol, things for the meatiest meat lovers, vegans and everything in between! The nightlife is known for being diverse and there isn't much you can't do here!"


Known for hardcore ravers, Leeds’ students are always the life of the party! Its very own ‘Mint Club’ has been voted ‘The Best Small Club in Europe’ - but get there while you can because it won’t be open for much longer.

What the students say: "Absolutely cracking city, so much to do and see! Nightlife is crazy and there’s something for everyone! Arguably the best university city in the country from personal experience! Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of coming to Leeds!"


Gay capital of the UK, this seaside city has everything from beach bars to LGBT clubs. The city is also packed with restaurants, theatres and music venues, catering to all students’ tastes. 

What the students say: "I absolutely loved Brighton as a location for being a university student as it was fun, vibrant and friendly. There was something for everyone including great shops, a huge selection of restaurants, cafes and bars as well as live music and clubs. It had a brilliant city life but was also so close to the beach and country - ideal!"


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Home to the huge DJ event, Warehouse Project, Manchester certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to nightlife. Go clubbing at the infamous Northern Quarter, or grab a cocktail from Spinningfields.

What the students say: "Manchester offers plenty, that caters for all. The city is filled with great bars/venues, that consistently offer quality nights. Even going into fourth year, I am still finding entire new areas of town that I had never been to before. Areas of note are the northern quarter, Didsbury and Chorlton (and probably plenty more that I haven’t yet stumbled upon) for great bars, restaurants and music venues."


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With a multitude of restaurants, bars, clubs and events in the vibrant city, Sheffield has a lot to offer students. Nestled close to the city centre is Leopold Square, where you’ll find live music played every weekend in the Summer.

What the students say: "The great thing about Sheffield is that it is a major city and therefore you have access to all things such as nightlife, good food and social events that you can find in London, but for half the price! It’s so cheap here I don’t think I could live anywhere else."


Liverpudlians may be notorious for their rollers, make-up and glamorous looks, and there’s a good reason for that - they need to be ready for a fantastic night out! Liverpool nightlife doesn’t disappoint with Concert Square ranking no1 in our league table as students’ favourite UK venue.

What the students say: "Liverpool is a fantastic location for any student. The nightlife is superb and while Liverpool is a small, compact city, there's no shortage of pubs and clubs to head to. The cost of living is extremely cheap as well, especially compared to down south."


Aye, the Scots know how to party. Praised for its music scene, Glasgow has attracted the likes of Jay Z & Beyonce, The Stone Roses and The Arctic Monkeys, to name but a few. Who knew that Glasgow was the hidden heart of fantastic music?!

What the students say: "Glasgow is without a doubt the greatest city in the world - for anyone, not just students. It is an amazing place to go to university, the culture is brilliant and everyone is always up for a good time and having fun. It's a unique place and somewhere you need to live in for a while to fully understand and appreciate."


This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone - when we say the Geordies know how to party, we mean they know how to party! Notorious for bars serving triple vodkas and nightlife that has acquired its own reality TV show, Newcastle is the place to be.

What the students say: "Best student city going and the capital of a good night out and home to £5 trebles!! Never failed to have a great night out and there are loads of restaurants and bars to choose from and there's recently been a massive refurbishment of the city centre."


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Kirsty Mason
Kirsty Mason on 5 October 2018